Pet Taxi Service 

It's not always possible to transport your pet to the veterinary office for services such as wellness exams, vaccinations, or minor injuries.  Sometimes even grooming. 

Let us help you.  We'll come to your home,  load and transport your pet  to and from your local veterinary office for your convenience.  

Lazy Brown Dog

Pet Advocate Services 

We are happy to stay with your pet throughout the veterinary care visit.  We will relay all information to the veterinary team and work with them to ensure your pet gets the upmost care.  A complete report will be returned to you from an experienced veterinary professional.  Your best interest, your pet's health, and your satisfaction is our  priority.  

We can help negotiate medical care decisions for you, make sure all requested services are completed, and even help understand your follow up care questions.  

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Home Visit Fee 



Additional services include Microchipping, Bloodwork,  internal parasite testing.  Canine and Feline Neuters. DNA testing, and more.  Call or text to discuss your particular needs.